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Exquisiteness & Delicacies: Discover our specialties from Europe

Would you like to really pamper your palate? Then you have come to the right place. Because here you will find international specialties and delicatessen products from all over Europe. Special culinary delights that have been produced with a lot of love for traditional production and quality awareness. Our specialties are not complete dishes, but traditionally processed quality products which use a main quality ingredient to conjure up the finest dishes and simple meals in a few straightforward steps, helping you to create unforgettable moments of enjoyment. It doesn't matter whether it's a romantic Sunday breakfast for two, or a festive buffet with friends and family. Now there are no limits to your creativity and you can make fabulous dishes with very basic culinary skills. That is why our delicatessen specialties are valued equally by amateur and gourmet cooks.

Delicacies and specialties are always a question of origin

The special quality of our delicatessen products is characterized not only by the selection of the finest ingredients, but above all by delicacies and specialties that come from those regions where production looks back over a long tradition. But traditional companies belong here too. On our culinary journey through Europe you will find specialties such as:

Take a look around and let yourself be inspired by our range of culinary delicacies. Because here you will definitely find something to enhance your favorite dish or why not try something completely new? Europe's delicacies have never taste good as this