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Enjoy our crystal-clear Flor de Sal from the salt marshes of Andalusia with the spring-like aroma of rose petals with our own rose petal salt. And bring the flowery flavor of wonderful dishes from North African and Oriental cuisine into your home.

How to use the rose petal salt

Our rose blossom salt unfolds its full aroma best with traditional dishes from North African, Persian, Indian or Arabic cuisine. It is also suitable for refining savory dishes of rice, potatoes or root vegetables. Then again, it can also be added to sophisticated desserts with dark chocolate. Those who know how to use rose salt skilfully can create unforgettable sweet creations with a fine, flowery, salty note.

Rose petals have a long tradition in the cuisine of the Orient and are used in a variety of ways depending on your nationality. Rose petals are used in India to flavor various dairy products. In Tunisia and Morocco, on the other hand, they are a popular choice for seasoning soups and lamb casseroles. But the rose petal salt is also ideal for spring-fresh salads. Rose blossom salt goes best with chilli, cloves, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and cumin.

Our Flor de Sal is delivered in a UV-protected black glass with a lockable screw cap. The fine salt crystals are still slightly damp and should therefore not be used in a salt shaker or a salt mill. Ideally, they should be rubbed between the fingertips shortly before use and sprinkled over the food.

Rose petals as a spice look back on a centuries-old tradition

As early as the 9th century, rose petals were used in Persia to perfume wine. The Persians also produced large quantities of distilled rose water. Later, in the Ottoman Empire, the rose water in the palace kitchen was regarded as an extremely valued aromatic substance that was only reserved for the sultan and his court. Because this spice was extremely precious: it took up to four tons of rose petals to produce one liter of rose oil.

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Ingredients: Salt, Rose Petals

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