Collection: Clothing

DARIO’S Couture: Sustainable fashion for the discerning man who wants something special

Are you looking for sustainable fashion for men that also meets the highest demands in terms of quality, style and craftsmanship? Then you have come to the right place. Because our in-house DARIO’S Couture stands for the concept of slow fashion with its three principles of sustainability, longevity and timelessness.

Sustainable fashion for men thanks to carefully produced materials

With our clothing collection, we use particularly carefully produced materials in the manufacture of our garments. For example, the fibers of our vicuña and alpaca shells are obtained from animals living in the wild in the Andes, which are released immediately after the particularly gentle shearing process. But sustainability is also very important to us in production, too. That is why we rely on traditional craft businesses in Europe. This is how we make our contribution to maintaining artisanal production facilities with European standards.

Sustainable fashion for men due to the durability of the materials

In addition to production, we also rely on the durability of the materials in our sustainability concept. On the one hand, we pay careful attention to impeccable quality during extraction. In the production of our particularly valuable cashmere wool, we apply a particularly gentle combing process and only 100 grams per animal is used after the coarser fibers have been extracted. This particular care in the selection of materials and the traditional craftsmanship in further processing ensure an extraordinary longevity of the garments, which keep their shape even after decades of wear. With DARIO’S Couture, you can invest in garments that can be with you for a lifetime. Longevity is therefore also an important factor in meeting the desire for sustainable fashion for men. However, should something break, we offer a repair service exclusively for our clothing collection.

Sustainable fashion for men through timeless style that is always in fashion

Last but not least, longevity is also defined by a classic style that has been convincing our customers over decades and so we know how to counter the constantly changing fast-fashion with a bold exclamation mark! That is why our clientele is made up of top entrepreneurs, heads of state from around the world and even global nobility. This means that DARIO’S Couture is not only sustainable and timeless, but also cosmopolitan in its style.