Dear friends and lovers of indulgence,

discover our unique range of European products that not only meet the highest expectations to quality. Because true quality can only be enjoyed to the fullest if it also respects the highest possible standards to the environment and social consideration. Sustainability and quality are both inextricably linked according to our philosophy.

You too, can experience the difference!

With kind regards,

Dario Müller, President & CEO, M.A. (Aix-Marseille), DESU, Business Lawyer

Rossana Sanabria, Chief Marketing Officer, Dipl.-Päd.


DARIO’S was founded in 2005 by the then 16-year old entrepreneur Dario Müller. The business began initially with the import and export of Swiss watches. The first DARIO’S mail order catalogue was published in 2008. This was the very first German catalogue where you could order a supercar for 1.8 million euros, a yacht for 45 million euros and you could even book a journey to space! The company expoded into the international market in 2012, when it offered a football signed by no less than the US President Barack Obama himself. The ball was put up for auction and the proceeds went to support the Sautii Kuu charity of Dr.Auma Obama. In 2009, DARIO’S became the only mail order company in the world to be given an offcial license to sell the brands Cartier and Bulgari. The company is also an authorized dealer for other prestigious world brands like Versace, Baccarat, Vertu, Fendi and Montblanc. DARIO’S is the Geman pioneer when it comes tot he marketing of luxury brands in the mail order business. The company works together with selected foundations, most notably the Jane Goodall Institute and the Sauti Kuu Foundation.