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At last[G, the temperatures are rising and those long-awaited summer holidays are just around the corner, so we have put together 7 must-haves that will spice up your summer. Whether you prefer calm barbecues with friends, or livelysummer parties, an unforgettable boat trip or just some relaxed swimming in your own pool - our selection leaves nothing to be desired.

A wine cooler for cozy evenings with friends

WMF Sekt-und Weinkühler Ambient, hergestellt in China

What could be nicer than drinking chilled wine on a warm summer evening with your friends and family? There is nothing better to get you into a holiday mood and make everybody happy. That's why a good bottle of champagne and wine cooler is

is a match made in heaven to enjoy refreshing drinks together on a balmy summer evening. This cooler not only looks great, but it also has two light rings around its base, so that it is quite literally the highlight of any terrace or balcony. By touching the high-quality Cromargan stainless steel housing, you can adjust the light between three different levels. A flexible, unbreakable cold pack that can be stored in the freezer to save space, guarantees operation for up to 5 hours.
Relax with a cool

Relax with a cool DARIO’S Grande Réserve champagne from the illuminated champagne and wine cooler: a delightful refreshment that turns the evening into a romantic memory.

An ice machine for the whole family

UNOLD Eismaschine Nobile

You don't always have to go to an ice cream parlor to enjoy delicious homemade ice cream. Because with a few basic ingredients you can cool down this summer with your own freshly-made ice cream. Making ice cream has never been so simple and so much fun. You can also use regional, seasonal and organic ingredients and even make your own vegan ice cream. At up to -35 ° C, the desserts are evenly cooled by the fully automatic ice cream maker, so there is no need to freeze your ice cream in the refrigerator. What's more, the machine is really easy to clean because the 2 liter ice bucket can be removed easily. The powerful motor means that you can even make your own frozen yoghurt, sorbets and other frozen desserts. Experience delectable and refreshing ice cream every time, and you will feel that you are in your favorite ice cream parlor in bella Italia!

A stylish polo shirt for every occasion

DARIO’S Couture Poloshirt Stuttgart in 100% Baumwollpiqué in White

A classic polo shirt should not only be in the closet in summer, but in every season. It can be worn on almost any occasion, especially on warm days. This white polo shirt is characterized by its elegant cut and its high quality cotton piqué fabric. Its hallmark honeycombed structure, increases its surface area, making the fabric particularly absorbent and moisture-regulating. Above all, discerning polo shirt wearers appreciate this high-quality fiber, which is simply the perfect choice to stay cool and fresh on hot summer days. The finest craftsmanship is used to add special details to our garments. The mother-of-pearl buttons on the neckline originally come from the two-shelled Makassar mollusk from Indonesia. The polo shirt itself is manufactured in Austria using a special process to give it a unique shimmer. This adds a minimalist, yet truly distinguished detail. The light, soft cotton fabric and tailor-made cut will not only flatter your figure but it help you look cool and classy, no matter how hot weather is.

A motor boat for unforgettable days on the water


Who doesn't dream of owning a stylish boat to enjoy truly unique summer days on the water? You can make this summer a very special experience, not only by escaping into in the vastness of the sea, but also by making the most of local lakes and waterways. The 1017 Lido stands out because of its exceptional lounge character and unique driving characteristics and so it is no surprise to learn that it is called "Gentlemen’s Racer".

With a top speed of up to 60 knots, a generous seating area with plenty of comfortable cushions, as well as a fully equipped cabin for two people, it is the perfect boat for every kind of aquatic adventure. Just as its name suggests, the gentlemen’s racer combines style, performance, class and user-friendliness with high-quality materials and functions. It is an exhilherating water experience and will fill your life with summer memories of fun and adventure.

Delicious pesto for all round enjoyment

LA GALLINARA Pesto Genovese 130g

This traditional pesto originates in Genoa and is a cold, uncooked but deliciously tasty sauce. Nowadays is has become so popular that you can find it all over the world. The secret behind the full-bodied aroma of a delicious pesto is the Ligurian basil. It grows in a lush, moderate Meditteranean climate, which provides ideal growing conditions for the basic ingredient of this classic. These special climatic conditions, added to the unique humus rich soils of this region of Italy allow a very special kind of basil to grow on the Riviera di Ponente.
The in-house pesto "La Gallinara" is made in the traditional Genoese way with olive oil, Parmesan, pine nuts and basil from the Ligurian Albenga. Like all Italian recipes, it is not the number of ingredients, but their quality that makes the difference and that gives you truly Mediterranean taste explosion.
Our pesto stands out from the rest because of its unique, delicate and nuanced aroma that can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Try “La Gallinara” as a marinade for poultry at your next barbecue. Or serve it with cold veal à la Vitello Tonnato for the perfect starter. The fresh taste also comes into its own in tomato and mozzarella salad. Whatever dish you choose, this delicious Italian pesto will enhance the flavors of each ingredient to bring you a truly sensational taste experience.

Your very own spa to enjoy whenever you want

Spahochdrei Swimming Canal

Fulfill your dream of having your own pool with a stylish swimming channel that transforms your home into a wellness oasis. Enjoy peace and relaxation in the privacy of your own home, which you can enjoy to use just as you please. That's because this spa facility offers you so much more than cool refreshment on hot summer days. It also invites you to relax and switch off after a hectic day - no matter what time of year. The spa has an integrated heating system so that you can easily set the temperature of the water between 15 and 40 ° C and enjoy your pool with your family and friends 24/7, 365 days of the year. Not only can you adjust the temperature, but you can also switch on the counter-current system and its freely adjustable XXL swimming jets to do some swimming training. Keep fit this summer or just lay back and relax with a glass of chilled wine in your warm pool in the evening. This all-in-one spa and pool system makes it all possible.

A wonderfully aromatic balsamic vinegar with truffles


Just the thing for warm summer days. Balsamic vinegar is such a versatile ingredient and is nice and light on the stomach. It can be prepared quickly and easily to add a special touch to so many dishes. Italian balsamic vinegar is a basic ingredient for almost every salad dressing and our wonderfully fresh Aceto di Balsamico is refined with the aroma of black truffles

to add an extra flavor twist. Our DARIO’S virgin olive oil is combined with the finest Italian white truffles to help you to create delicious and distinctive gourmet dressings.
Summer will no doubt be a little bit different than usual. Still, there are so many things you can do to make these exceptionally warm days of your staycation unforgettable.


Written by Ingrid Wirth


The Summer Collection

WMF Champagne and wine cooler Ambient, made in China

WMF Champagne and wine cooler Ambient, made in China
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DARIO’S Couture Poloshirt Stuttgart in 100% Baumwollpiqué in White

DARIO’S Couture Poloshirt Stuttgart in 100% Baumwollpiqué in White
€ 390,00


LA GALLINARA Pesto Genovese 130g

LA GALLINARA Pesto Genovese 130g
€ 4,30



€ 299.000,00



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