WMF Espresso Siebträger Lumero, hergestellt in China

WMF Portafilter espresso machine Lumero, made in China

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In under a minute, the powerful Thermoblock heating system of the WMF Lumero portafilter espresso machine is ready to make a fresh cup of espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, americano and other speciality coffees at the perfect temperature. With a 1,400-watt output and 15-bar pressure, it presses all of the flavour from the coffee grounds— for either one or two cups of single or double espresso. Thanks to its excellent design, the sieve produces barista-quality foam. The integrated milk froth nozzle enables the fresh espresso to be conjured into a cappuccino with beautifully creamy froth in seconds. Three dishwasher-safe sieve inserts can be used for 1 or 2 cups or also for pads. The design with high-quality, matt Cromargan® housing is as sophisticated as the espresso itself, and usage and handling are equally simple and convenient. W: 37 H: 20,5 D: 38 cm, 5,37Kg

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