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DARIO’S white truffle salt, 30g

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Our white truffle salt: a royal treat

Even for Napoleon, the bewitching scented truffles were considered the "diamonds of the kitchen" because they make every simple dish a royal love feast. With our white truffle salt, you too can now enjoy this seductive aroma.

Our white truffle salt with freshly harvested aroma

  • Our white truffle salt offers the strong aroma of freshly harvested truffle combined with the clear and pure taste of crystallized sea salt. This unique and intense aroma is available to you at all times for the optimal flavor.

  • The aromatic scent of the truffle will seduce you as soon as you open the glass. Even small amounts of this precious salt are enough to conjure up a true royal meal from every simple dish.

 How to use the salt in the kitchen

The truffle salt can be used wonderfully for both cold and warm meals. It can therefore be used in a variety of ways and there are no limits to creativity when serving. The aromatic sea salt is ideal for refining all types of pasta dishes, salads, soups, risotto and vegetables. Truffle salt can even add the last magic note to fish and meat dishes. However, the aromatic salt works best with all types of mushroom dishes.

The truffle salt can be used as a distinctive main spice. Or they can be wonderfully combined with other spices and herbs and round off the taste of every meal as a quiet aroma.

To use the taste as a fine note in the background, pre-salt your dish with normal salt. Then season it to the point with the truffle salt. Of course, taste good here and then just enjoy.

Important to know:
After seasoning with truffle, the dish must not be heated further, otherwise the aroma will quickly lose its strength. However, slight heat supply ensures that the truffle aroma can develop optimally.

Product Features

  • fine sea salt crystals mixed with grated white truffle pieces
  • fine-bodied, clear salt taste with strong truffle aroma


Ingredients: grey salt from Guérande – FR (Atlantic) 99%, dried white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0,3% (equals 1,5% fresh truffles), aroma. 


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