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Pamper yourself with the freshness of ginger and orange

Enjoy the exotic freshness of fruity orange and the powerful spiciness of ginger. And give your day a new zest. Infused with a fine hint of apple and lemongrass, this tea transports you to the Far East of the rainforests of India, where the ginger root is carefully harvested under particularly gentle conditions. The ethereal taste of ginger lingers on your palate and combines with the full aroma of orange to create a wonderfully unique fruity tea experience, which will warm you from within, especially on cozy winter days.

This is the best way to prepare our Orange Ginger Tea

To ensure that you can enjoy the full flavor of this orange ginger tea, it is important to ensure that it is stored correctly. You should protect the tea from intense heat (no more than 30°C), as well as moisture, foreign odors and light during storage. Our tea container has an airtight screw cap and black UV protective glass, ideal to bring the full flavor and aroma of our in-house orange ginger tea to your home.

When removing the tea from the container, use a dry teaspoon to dispense the tea. It is best to use soft water so that you can enjoy the pure tea flavor. If your tap water is too lime-rich, it is worth using a water filter beforehand to ensure perfect enjoyment. In addition, before you add the tea, boil the water for at least 3 - 5 minutes so that the chlorine is removed from the tap water. Then let the water cool down to approx. 70 ° C so that the valuable nutrients and essential oils of ginger are preserved as best as possible. Then let the tea brew for 5 to 7 minutes and just enjoy. Of course, a good teapot is a must.

Ingredients: apple pieces, lemongrass, orange peel (5%), ginger pieces (4%), natural flavor.

Produced in Germany for DARIO'S GmbH, Mörikestrasse 2, 73230 Kirchheim Teck

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