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Vicuña is the rarest fabric in the world. This precious wool, also called “The Fabric of the Gods” was used way back in Inca times and worn exclusively by the nobility. First the Vicuña-Lamas, living in the peruvian Andes, were sheared and then released. This ancient practice is still continued today. The wool of the Vicuña-Lama is so thick that it will keep you warm like no other fabric in the world. This exceptional work of art comes to you packaged in a beautiful wooden box. Size: 180 x 30 cm. Weight 130 g (inches: 70.87″ x 11.81″. Weight 130 g) MORE ABOUT VICUÑA Vicuña originates from the Vicuña-Lama and it stands out because of the sheer beauty and majesty of its fabric. This rare, sensitive and protected species is the smallest member of the camel family and lives in the 5000 m Andes mountains in Peru. Vicuña is often referred to as the “fabric of the Gods” because it is so rare and delicate – a mere 10 to 13 Microns (µ) with a length ranging from 20 to 25 mm (0.08″ to 0.10″). An absolute Must-Have for lovers of the rare and exquisite.

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