ZEITWERK is 9 original pieces from world history, combined in a fascinating artistic value. And that's exactly what ZEITWERK stands for: the perfect connection between history and art. A concept that is unique in the world and was created by the artist couple Stephanie and Michael Backes from Nettetal. The minimalist design deliberately stands in contrast to the historical pieces, which know how to inspire with their overwhelming variety of stories.

ZEITWERK aus Nettetal

ZEITWERK Means Fascination

The fascinating aura that emanates from each and every one of these historical individual pieces cast its spell on founders Stephanie and Michael Backes at a very early stage. The first piece in their joint collection was a stone from the school where they met in 1999 shortly before they graduated from high school. Of course they took the stone with the permission of the school. This very personal piece of history was followed by more and more testimonials from world history. One of these pieces is a 400 kilogram stone from Cologne Cathedral, which has been in your garden for some time.


ZEITWERK – The Passion to Share History in the Form of art

A piece by Titanic gave the decisive impulse to transform these contemporary witnesses into works of art. So Michael realized when he wanted to process the fragment into a gift that it could be shared without losing its fascination. This realization finally led to the puristic design with its nine fields. The very first ZEITWERK with its diverse exhibits from the private collection was thus created.

The prototype that hung in the living room of the two founders soon gave rise to many exciting discussions. The inquiries and the associated enthusiasm from the private sphere soon became so great that Stephanie decided to put her secure manager job in a large company on hold for the time being in order to start a first, small series with the ZEITWERK concept.


Always Looking for Originals

As a result, Stephanie and Michael started looking for new exhibits for the ZEITWERK project. The research was always very complex and time-consuming. In order to discover the best pieces, they had to work out a different approach for each topic in detail. Of course, a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance was required, combined with a high tolerance for frustration. And of course every last bit of luck was needed here. In this way, they managed to collect an extraordinary collection for ZEITWERK. They got to know a lot of great people and discover new stories.

The artist couple Backes guarantees:

“We research with the greatest care and only record pieces for ZEITWERK that we clearly classify as authentic and that were legally removed. In a three-stage process, we document both the origin and the entire processing process. There is a certificate of authenticity for every ZEITWERK.”

Here you can find out which historical pieces are in the individual works of art: Give yourself a piece of world history!


The Zeitwerk Collection

Zeitwerk, made in Germany, Nettetal
from € 1,280.00

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