WMF was Born

The company WMF originally emerged from “Straub & amp; Swiss". This was a metal goods factory that Geislingen-based miller Daniel Straub founded in Geislingen an der Steige in 1853 together with the brothers Friedrich and Louis - both trained metal pressers. It was Dust's second foundation in the industrial sector. In 1850, the “Maschinenfabrik Geislingen” emerged from a repair workshop that he founded in connection with the Geislinger Steige. This primarily produced mill turbines, which it sold throughout Europe.


Straub & Schweizer Becomes WMF

In 1866, however, the Swiss brothers separated from the company, which is why it was located in Straub & amp; Son was renamed. The first branch was then opened in a sample warehouse in Berlin. The next important step followed 14 years later. For example, in 1880 the company merged with the metal goods factory “Ritter & amp; Co ”from Esslingen am Neckar to form the“ Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik ”as a joint stock company. The WMF was thus founded, which went public on November 9, 1887 in Stuttgart . This laid an important cornerstone for the success of the company from Swabia, which has remained unbroken to this day.


A Successful Company With Tradition

Today, several hundred million people worldwide use WMF, Kaiser and Silit products every day. Be it for drinking, eating, cooking, baking or preparing at home. Or you can enjoy those dishes and coffee specialties prepared by products from the Schaerer, Hepp and WMF brands in the hotel and catering sector.


The Passion To Give Delicious and Precious Moments

It is the mission and passion of the company and its employees to give people delicious and precious moments in the community both at home and abroad in upscale gastronomy. Now here at DARIO'S you can also enjoy an exclusive selection of the WMF brand , high quality Quality products that combine uncompromising functionality with the most modern and at the same time timeless design for a unique experience.


The WMF Collection

WMF Cookware Set 4pcs. Concento, made in Germany, Baden Württemberg
€ 449.00


WMF Knife block set 6pcs.Chef’s Edition, made in Germany, Baden Württemberg
€ 499.00


WMF Set 30 ICONIC, made in China
€ 399.99


WMF Champagne Cooler Jette
€ 139.99


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