Truffles have always stood for the ultimate in enjoyment. The famous Pharaoh Cheops was already known as a passionate truffle eater. For Napoleon, too, the noble mushrooms with their beguiling aroma were "diamonds of the kitchen", which made every meal, no matter how simple, a love feast for kings. Even in modern kitchens, the noble mushroom is an integral part of gourmets. Therefore, he is now enjoying increasing popularity among amateur chefs. To make this precious ingredient an unforgettable taste experience at home, there are a few things to consider when preparing truffles. Therefore, we will now present you the 5 best tips for perfect truffle enjoyment. But waht makes the truffle so special?

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The reason why truffles are so precious

The special thing about truffles is not only their intense aroma, which gives every dish, however simple, a distinctive character. Raising them is also extremely complex since they only grow in so-called truffle forests under special conditions. These truffle forests are specially created for them and have to be tended and cared for for years until the first truffles can grow there. But even then the harvest of the precious mushroom is very complex and the yield is extremely low.

Truffle hunters and their dogs need a whole day to find just 200-300 grams of black truffle. White truffles are only 60-80 grams. Owning and maintaining a truffle forest is therefore a matter close to the heart. This also explains why truffles are so precious. No wonder that the truffle, as the most valuable edible mushroom in the world, is so popular. And that he has now also found his way from the star chefs into the home kitchen of amateur chefs.

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Prepare truffles: with these 5 tips it is guaranteed to work

So that nothing goes wrong when preparing truffles at home, we are now giving you the 5 best tips for your perfect truffle enjoyment:

1. Choosing the right dish

Truffles have a very dominant aroma. Therefore, when choosing the recipe, it is crucial to choose dishes that are as simple as possible with few ingredients, in which the aromatic truffle plays the main role.

2. Never heat white truffles

White truffles have an intense smell and a subtle aroma. So be careful: if the white truffle is heated up strongly, both taste and smell evaporate. For this reason, white truffles should always be added shortly before consumption. The truffle aroma unfolds best here if you add the noble mushroom directly after heating the dish and let it soak in for a few minutes. But the white truffle also goes well with cold dishes such as salad.

The best for the white truffle: risotto, tartare, scrambled or fried egg with spinach and polenta, salad.

3. Black truffle may be heated

The black truffle has a very intense taste, but a weaker smell. Thus, the aroma is retained even when heated strongly and is passed on to the dish. This is why it can also be used to cook braised, meat and fish dishes.

Black truffles go best with: cream soups based on potatoes and celery, white fish or braised beef with truffle sauce or poultry in which the truffle slices develop their aroma directly under the skin.

4. Truffles need flavor carriers to develop properly

In order for the full aroma of the truffle to be amplified and transferred to the dish, a flavor carrier is required. Fat-based foods such as butter and cream are ideal for this, or very elegant: olive oil. Truffle salt or aceto balsamic vinegar are also possible. In a sweet version, honey or chocolate is a real treat.

5. Enjoy truffles as something special

Experienced truffle gourmets advise not to enjoy the mushrooms too often. So you don't get used to the taste and the truffle aroma remains an intense taste experience for you.

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Fresh truffles are hard to come by

If you want to enjoy the noble mushroom at home, there is the possibility to prepare it freshly. However, the desire for fresh truffles poses some difficulties for private use. Especially when it comes to getting very good quality. On the one hand, due to the high value, many copies with poor quality are on the way. These are very difficult to recognize as such for a layperson.

On the other hand, fresh truffles don't last long. So they should ideally be as fresh as possible, since they lose their aroma from the third day on after harvesting. They can also be kept in the refrigerator for only 2-6 days. When cleaning the truffles, there are also a few false cords that can make the noble mushroom inedible. However, you don't have to be a gourmet chef with excellent supplier relationships and expertise to enjoy this beguiling aroma. Because we combine this expertise with our love for the best quality for you.

Preparing truffles made easy: with our truffle creations for every occasion

From the fresh, deciduous forest, traced by fine dog noses, we deliver our in-house truffle creations directly to your home. Freshly harvested and processed in the traditional Italian way, as if you were buying in the market in Piedmont. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy the unique aroma of the noble mushroom sweet, salty or hearty: with our in-house truffle variations, we offer you almost unlimited applications with which you can pamper your palate.

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How about a fresh salad, refined with the powerful note of our truffle olive oil extra virgin from Calabria? Of course, our wonderfully fruity Aceto Balsamico with its aroma of black truffles should not be missing here. With our fully aromatic truffle salt you can enchant every meal with a pinch of a wonderful taste experience. Or do you want to be enchanted particularly creatively? Then our inlaid black truffle offers you countless possibilities. Leaving it in its original form, it unfolds its powerful aroma particularly well. In this way you can refine every dish into a royal meal in no time at all. You could also try out our truffle honey which is a new addition to the range.

Written by Dirk Auberlen


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