A New Era of Crystal Jewelry Begins With Daniel Swarovski

With the vision of “creating a diamond for everyone”, Daniel Swarovski developed a machine in 1891 that cut crystals with unprecedented precision. He thus laid the foundation stone for his company, which continues to enchant the fashion world with its fascinating crystal creations. His company was founded in 1895. Until then, mainly farmers had laboriously handcrafted small quantities of cut crystal glass. Which is why the increasing demand could not be met in this way. Swarovski came into this market and should soon set completely new standards in terms of quality and design.


Swarovski crystal jewelry is conquering the fashion world

With his burning passion for unusual looks and innovation, Swarovski managed to turn his brand into a leading global brand for fashionable jewelry and accessories within a few years. The fine-cut crystals from Swarovski - from the Parisian couture houses to the jazz halls in America - shaped the fashion world and thus the attitude to life of an entire generation as early as the golden 1920s.

The secret to the resounding success of the crystals was their mechanical grinding method, which Swarovski continuously developed. The company managed to get the crystals officially into the local as well as the international jewelry market as "gemstones of new quality". To this day, the family company stands for the tradition of offering outstanding styling to all women in the world.

The secret: over 120 years of perfected artistry

To ensure this, every collection goes through a multi-phase creative process from the first inspiration to the launch. During this process, in-depth trend analyzes, strong branding and fashionable design merge into true masterpieces. In interaction with the constant further development of techniques and materials, new facets, shapes and colors are created every day. In this way, masterpieces of the highest quality are created in detail-loving craftsmanship that know how to fascinate in their uniqueness all over the world.



The Swarovski Collection

Swarovski Tennis Set
€ 199.00


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