The fast fashion industry makes it possible for everyone to dress fashionably and individually. The large range, which changes almost every month and the low price are tempting. However, this excessive consumption has many consequences, especially for the environment. More and more consumers are recognizing this problem and are therefore looking for a better solution. But the two terms sustainability and fashion don't seem to go together. Why is that so? And is it really impossible to combine these apparent opposites? The DARIO’S collection shows how it can be done.

What does sustainability actually mean in terms of fashion?

In our everyday life, the term sustainability is more present than ever. But it is now used so often that its deeper meaning has been lost, since sustainability does not only mean environmental protection or long-term profit. Rather, the term summarizes the interplay of the areas of economy, ecology and social responsibility. For a fashion company, this means that it is therefore not only obliged to pay attention to how environmentally friendly the clothing and the materials used are. Moreover, it also has to ensure that the product is produced under socially and environmentally compatible conditions and at the same time brings long-term profit.


A conflict between sustainability and fashion: the Fast Fashion Industry

Many are familiar with the problem: You can find a piece of clothing that seems to perfectly match your own ideas. However, after washing and wearing it several times, it no longer looks so elegant and stylish. Also, the very short-lived fashion cycles make clothing a unique seasonal item. Because almost every month there is a new fashion line on the market. Among other things, many trendy items are disposed of without ever being worn.

This short life of the garments also has a significant impact on the environment and scares many consumers as soon as they become aware of the extent. The precarious working conditions in the manufacturing countries that are necessary to make the low prices economical are equally problematic. But how can the conflict between fashion consciousness and sustainability be resolved? The slow fashion concept offers the solution.


Sustainability and fashion: Solving the problem with the “Slow-Fashion Approach”

Slow fashion stands for a return to more conscious fashion consumption. It describes the change to more responsibility and respect for people and the environment. The focus is on the environmentally friendly production and selection of high-quality and sustainable materials. This approach also aims to motivate designers to design timeless garments that can be worn for decades and are not out of fashion after one season. In comparison to fast fashion, the products of the "slow" movements often have a regional origin with a short production chain. Overall, it is extremely important that all partners receive their fair share.

In order for clothing to retain its beauty for a lifetime, it is particularly important to use high-quality materials that are also produced sustainably:

  • Organic cotton
  • Organic sheep's wool
  • Organic silk
  • Organic cashmere
  • Organic Vicuna


Sustainability and fashion: The DARIO’S collection shows how it can be done

DARIO’S Couture also takes up precisely these principles of slow fashion. With our clothing collection, we have made it our mission to offer our customers a high-quality product as well as a timeless design, but also to influence the style and consumption awareness of an entire generation with regard to durability and sustainability. For a noble and durable garment, the selection of the raw materials is of particular importance. That is why this collection for men includes shirts made from 330 full-length cotton, ties made from the finest twill silk and jackets made from Italian cashmere.


For us, the focus is also on the preservation of the European craft businesses in the textile industry. In this way, international craftsmanship should receive a new boost and at the same time, the necessary transparency is guaranteed as we maintain very close relationships with our European partners. This is how we share a love for imperishable elegance, selected fabrics and craftsmanship. With our approach, we would like to create elegant garments that can still convince with style even in decades and which will give lifelong pleasure to the wearer. In addition, we offer our customers an in-house repair service. This is how fashion can become a long-lasting style. We look at our high-quality products with pride and a clear conscience and can say that it works: The global high society buys from us.

Written by Ingrid Wirth

The DARIO'S Couture Collection

DARIO’S Couture Cardigan Düsseldorf in 100% Loro Piana Cashmere in Darkgrey

DARIO’S Couture Cardigan Düsseldorf in 100% Loro Piana Cashmere in Darkgrey
€ 1.500,00


DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Köln 100% Cashmere in Darkgrey

DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Köln 100% Cashmere in Darkgrey
€ 930,00


DARIO'S Couture Poloshirt Stuttgart aus 100% Baumwollpiqué in Rot

DARIO’S Couture Poloshirt Stuttgart in 100% Baumwollpiqué in Red
€ 390,00


DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Augsburg 90% Sea Island and 10% Vicuña in White

DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Augsburg 90% Sea Island and 10% Vicuña in White
€ 2440,00



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