Delicatessen and delicatessen products are made for people with exquisite taste and the highest culinary demands. It is a very special kind of food that is not part of everyday consumption, but rather that enhances the daily menu and sets pleasurable accents.

Feast with premium quality

Fine food already has it in the name: fine food. It is not about satisfying a hunger or being satisfied quickly. Instead, eating becomes part of an appealing lifestyle, with a touch of luxury. The palate should be pampered because it is delighted with noble aromas and delicious notes of various flavors. Delicacies are also part of it and flatter discerning tongues. Whether sweet, savory or refined - a well-put together assortment of selected, first-class specialties will always give pleasure to lovers of exquisite food. Eat delicately - that's what pretentious eaters and connoisseurs want.

Bisskräftige Pasta kombiniert mit würzigen Tomatensaucen oder deliziösem Pesto

Bella Italia and its Italian specialties

The beautiful sides of Italy include the azure blue sea, impressive ancient sites and dreamy landscapes, of course, first and foremost the many unique delicacies. Strong pasta combined with spicy tomato sauces or delicious pesto and crispy breadsticks dipped in the finest olive oil - these are the Italian delicacies that make the hearts of all gourmets beat faster. A good wine from Tuscany goes well with it. And to top it off, after consuming Italian specialties, gourmets can not miss the opportunity to linger over a typical Italian strong espresso and enjoy life in all its uniqueness.

Ob süß, pikant oder raffiniert – ein gut zusammengestelltes Sortiment an ausgewählten erstklassigen Spezialitäten

The classics that always taste good

Real sweet tooth and connoisseur know that truffles are an indispensable part of the delicatessen shelf. Nothing beats the intense taste of truffles. And truffles can do something. It complements the mild sweetness of honey, it refines a high-quality olive oil and it spices sauces and butter so perfectly that they take on a whole new meaning on the menu. Anyone who tries truffles once will fall in love forever with the incomparable taste.

Those with a sweet tooth, on the other hand, do not want to do without chocolate. Tender pralines with a crunchy filling, excellent Belgian chocolate creations and delicious cake variations round off every gourmet menu as a subtle dessert. But the chocolate masterpieces from Belgium are also in great demand among connoisseurs as a delightful snack for in between. A dream made of cocoa butter - to melt away.

    Zarte Pralinen mit knackiger Füllung, ausgezeichnete belgische Schokokreationen und leckere Kuchenvariationen

    Less is more

    We have some of the most popular ticklers in our range. We have put together a tasteful selection of the finest and most tempting specialties. We follow the premise that quality is decisive and not quantity. Because for connoisseurs, nuances of taste count more than huge portions. We love things small but nice.

    Written by Dario Müller


    The Italian Collection

    ROCCA DI VIGNOLA Crema all'Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP - Basic 250ml

    ROCCA DI VIGNOLA Crema all'Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP - Basic 250ml
    € 4,95


    MARIO FONGO Grissini Rubatà 200 g

    MARIO FONGO Grissini Rubatà 200g
    € 3,70


    VIANI Tartufi dolci neri 200 g

    VIANI Tartufi dolci neri 200g
    € 11,90



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