The classic scarf made of cashmere reached in Europe only around the year 1800 to great fame and was then within a very short time an indispensable fashion accessory of the 19th century. This was especially true during the style epochs of Directoire and Empire in France and of the Biedermeier and the Second Imperial Period in Germany.

That's why our cashmere is so valuable

The noblest fibers of this valuable material come from Mongolia and northern China. The impeccable quality is due not least to the very close relationships with the shepherds who breed the Hircus goats. The cashmere wool comes from the undergarment of these extraordinary and small animals. The special thing is that the fiber has an average diameter of just 14.5 microns.

At the beginning of the year, when the weather gets milder in the spring, the goat herders use a gentle, goat-friendly combing process to extract the fibers of this undergarment. In this way, about 250 grams per year and animal won this much sought-after underfleece, which, after the coarser fibers were sorted out, is barely more than 100 grams. This is also the reason why our cashmere is so valuable.

Loro Piana – where Cashmere has a Long Tradition

The largest cashmere producer in the Western world is the traditional fashion house Loro Piana. The Italian fashion label was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Quarona. Even today it produces the most valuable yarns and woolen fabrics. Since 2005, the weaving mill has set the world record for the world's finest spun wool fiber with a diameter of just 11.8 microns.

Through our cooperation with Loro Piana, we can offer you from our clothing collection these timeless elegance cashmere creations.


Die Cashmere Wool Collection

DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Köln 100% Cashmere in Darkgrey
€ 930,00



DARIO’S Couture Cardigan Düsseldorf in 100% Loro Piana Cashmere in Darkgrey

DARIO’S Couture Cardigan Düsseldorf in 100% Loro Piana Cashmere in Darkgrey
€ 1.500,00


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