The Birthplace of European Coffee Culture

Since then, Venice has been the birthplace of the traditional coffee culture of Europe, which until today is closely linked to the lifestyle of the romantic lagoon city. Ottoman merchants brought coffee to the city's port as early as the 16th century. But it was not until 200 years later, in the 18th century, that coffee enjoyed its triumphal march through the metropolises of Europe. During this time, the first coffee houses were built in Venice.

The Glamorous Era of European Coffee Houses

The legendary Caffè Florian in Venice is the oldest coffeehouse in Europe and first opened in 1720. It was completely refurbished in 1858 and still enjoys worldwide renown in the splendor of its 19th-century ambience. In addition, Italy's first newspaper was founded at this historic site. A place where not only the Venetian nobility used to come, but also literary greats such as Georg Sand, Lord Byron, Balzac, Marcel Proust and last but not least Goethe.

The unique lifestyle of this glorious past has been preserved in the oldest coffee house in the world. So even today you can enjoy the charm of an era with a cup of the finest espresso, in which the coffee houses of Europe were considered living places where a lively exchange took place among the political and intellectual elite.

The Aroma of Venetian Coffee Art for you at home

With our selection of portafilter machines, we bring the unique tradition of Italian coffee art directly to your home. Start your day with the sweet aroma of Dolce Vita. It's like having your espresso served in a bistro in the streets of Venice. A treat of Italian lightness that will surely make you smile and smile.

Treat your palate to the wonderful holiday feeling of Bella Italia. No day can start any more beautiful!


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