Matured like precious pearls, we now bring the white gold from the salt gardens in Andalusia to you. Because there, on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean, the salt blossom, the Flor de Sal, thrives particularly well due to the optimal conditions due to wind, weather and water quality.

The salty bloom of the Mediterranean

The Flor de Sal, also called Fleur de Sal, is the uppermost layer of salt, the “icing on the cake” of crystallized sea salt and forms delicate, flower-like patterns at the top. This is where the name of this high quality salt comes from.

The salt blossom is characterized by a particularly harmonious taste and is also rich in essential minerals. Her particularly fine salt note therefore inspires even the world's top chefs, which is why the Flor de Sal is particularly popular in gourmet cuisine.

Sal de Flor - die Salzgärten Andalusiens

Flor de Sal: The crystal clear salty taste of the sea on your tongue

 This is precisely why we chose the salt manufacturer for our demanding customers in Andalusia that could convince us most with their high quality standards.

So we can exclusively offer you six unique creations and bring the crystal-clear salt taste of the Mediterranean to your tongue. This queen of salt is particularly suitable for the final refinement of dishes. So enjoy the fine note of this salty flower from the southernmost part of Europe, in exquisite variations that only we have.

Fleur de Sal -DARIO'S


The salt collection

DARIO'S Flor de Sal from Andalusia, 175 g
 from € 15,50



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