Especially in the cozy season, you long for a well-deserved relaxation after a long, busy day. What could be better than turning your own home into an oasis of wellbeing.

Your Oasis of Wellbeing: A Bath of Rose Petals

Treat yourself to pure relaxation and pamper yourself with our baths of rose and lavender leaves and essential oils. Just sit back, take a deep breath and forget about the worries of everyday life. The end of the day cannot be more beautiful. Of course, the right lighting should not be missing. With our light houses, you can create a cozy spa ambience in no time at all, transforming your four walls into an oasis of wellbeing.

Is that not an oasis of wellbeing for you? Then put a good deal on it and treat yourself to the ultimate spa and wellness experience for the warm, but also for the cozy days.

The swimming channel - your bathing and wellness experience for every season

No matter whether you want to keep fit or even train for the Olympics. Or just looking for total relaxation. This spa really has something for everyone. The swimming pool not only has a heating system but also an integrated counter-current system and thus ensures versatile bathing fun for the whole family all year round. The water temperature can be regulated between 15 - 40° C. And with the freely adjustable XXL jets, you can train your desired swimming style like a professional. Olympic athletes have put this swimming pool through its paces.

The sliding cover is accessible and optimally insulated. You can also open and close them very comfortably. A filter system and ozone water treatment take care of the necessary cleanliness. With the floor standing lights you make the spa ambience on your terrace perfect, with the floor standing lights you can easily set up next to the pool.


The Relaxation Collection

Spahochdrei Swimming Canal
€ 35.500,00


PORADA Ground Floor Lamp Amacord solid walnut Canaletta from Cabiate, Italy
€ 1.320,00


Kähler Design light houses
from € 22,00


DARIO’S Lavender Bath Salt from Andalusia, Spain 300 g
€ 25,00



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