Hardly any other food represents the enjoyment of Mediterranean cuisine so much. The extra virgin olive oil is of very special quality. But what makes it so special? You will find out in this article.

The Traditional Harvesting Process on the Olive Groves of Calabria

When the olive is ready to fully mature between autumn and winter, it develops a particularly strong aroma. This is also the best time to harvest. So that nothing is lost, large nets are stretched under the olive groves. Then in a next step, the trees are trimmed. The olives fall gently into the nets and are filled for further processing by hand in sacks or baskets. This has the advantage that the fresh olives are hardly crushed or damaged. What makes the harvest very gentle and is a prerequisite for high-quality olive oil. Especially in small businesses, the whole family joins in here.

The Cold Pressing Ensures a Particularly Pure Aroma

For optimum quality, the olives are separated and washed from leaves and branches on the same day, then ground and cold-pressed using a purely mechanical method including the core. The crude mixture of water, oil and plant parts, which emerges through the pressing process, separated using a centrifuge. Then the oil is bottled and left for several weeks, so that settle even the last floating parts and can be removed.

In this way, the natural olive oil is left in its purest form. That is why it is given the highest seal of quality: extra virgin olive oil.


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