Alpaca Keeping in the Wild: How the The Coveted yarn is Gently Harvested

The Alpaca lama is, like the vicuña, a South American camel. It is a very social animal and lives in herds at about 5.000 meters altitude in the high mountains of the Peruvian Andes in the wild. There the animals are shorn once a year under the most gentle conditions at the beginning of the summer. Afterwards they are released immediately into the wilderness.

The raw wool is then further processed to high quality alpaca yarn. The fiber yield obtained by shearing an animal is around three to six kilograms per year. Of these, however, just about 3 kilograms are suitable for further processing. This is similar in many ways to the processing of sheep's wool, such as preparing, Kandieren, spinning and weaving.

One of the Finest Natural Fibers in the World

However, the hair of alpaca is compared to sheep's wool an incomparably softer and finer natural fiber. It also warms much better and has a particularly noble, silky shine. The wool of the alpaca baby is the finest fiber among the alpaca wools and therefore very soft. So it nestles gently like a warming cloud to your skin. After all, wool keeps the alpacas comfortably warm even in the icy heights of the Peruvian Andes.

Now you too can enjoy this wonderful substance. Thus, this scarf with elegance and comforting warmth defies even the cold of a blizzard in the icy heights of the Andes.


The Alpaca Collection

DARIO’S Couture 100% BABY Alpaca Scarf Wiesbaden from Peru
from € 440.00


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