The regulator is the technology icon of the traditional watch manufacturer Chronoswiss and is therefore an absolute must for every watch lover. In the meantime, there are several variants that are impressive due to their individuality and richness of detail.

The regulator: timelessly classic yet modern

The world-famous and traditional Swiss watch manufacturer Chronoswiss created a unique model with the Régulateur back in the 1980s. So this creation was considered a real pioneering achievement at the time. Due to the unusually decentralized form of the time display, it is still considered a technology icon that fascinates watch lovers worldwide. That is why the Régulateur is inseparably linked to the development and history of Chronoswiss like no other model.

Das Traditionsunternehmen Chronoswiss

Remarkably anachronistic and yet modern, this chronometer brings out the DNA of the traditional mechanical brand with pinpoint accuracy. The uniqueness of this timepiece is shown by the fact that, contrary to conventional dials, only the minutes are displayed centrally. The seconds and hours, on the other hand, can be found on two smaller subdials, which are arranged decentrally at 12 and 6 of the minute display.

Chronoswiss steht für höchste Handwerkskunst

Latest variant: The Flying Regulator with a floating dial in 3D

The latest variant, the Flying Regulator, shows itself with a detailed 3D dial, in which the individual displays are constructed on floating bridges. It presents itself with a subdial for hours and seconds and a "flying" constructed minute track. These have effectively stood out from the guilloche base. Its automatic in-house caliber counts 21,600 vibrations per hour (A / h) and has received numerous awards. The model is available in three different precious metal variants. The glazed back also gives you a deep insight into the precision mechanical movement.

Der Flying Regulator von Chronoswiss


Ganz klassisch – und dennoch ganz anders: Das ist der Charakter des neuen Flying Regulator.


The Chronoswiss Collection

The Flying Regulator

Chronoswiss Flying Regulator
€ 6.960,00


Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton – LIMITED EDITION 30

Chronoswiss Regulator Rallye Limited Edition 30
€ 3.980,00


Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton – LIMITED EDITION 30

Chronoswiss Sirius Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton – LIMITED EDITION 30
 € 8.960,00


Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Jumping Hour

Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Jumping Hour
€ 41,120,00



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