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In our society, luxury is often equated with waste, pomp and abundance. However, luxury in connection with a modern understanding can be seen as the counterpart to waste. Luxury can even be a specialty that is characterized by quality, sustainability and aesthetics. To illustrate this approach, we want to present 7 good reasons that might change the view on luxury goods.

What luxury really is?

A precise definition of luxury is hardly possible. The reason for this is that everyone sees very different things as luxurious. For some, a fine glass of wine at the end of the day is already a luxury, for others, it might be driving a 911 Porsche or a vacation on the Maldives. Nevertheless, the consumption of these goods brings prestige to the owner and creates the opportunity for individuality and self-development. Therefore, luxury can be a very special form of self-fulfillment for everyone. Be it through the choice of clothing, home, favorite restaurant or vacation destination. Everyone values ​​different things in life, which is why luxury is purely subjective. Ultimately, however, it always beautifies life. Luxury is a pleasure, an enrichment of life, a treat that everyone deserves sometimes. It has personal value to oneself which at the same time, marks the simple similarity between all luxury goods.

1. Luxury stands for outstanding quality

Very selected materials are used for the production of luxury goods. In addition, the supply chain is carefully thought out, as quality is often the most important criterion for a luxury good. Especially in the luxury fashion industry, natural fabrics with excellent properties are always used. These garments are also often created by talented designers who understand their craft extremely well. In addition, not only the product itself is of higher quality, but also the training of the employees and thus the service. This is often adapted to your own needs and always tries to offer you the best shopping experience.

2. Luxury stands for unique aesthetics

Craftsmanship in particular not only creates outstanding quality, but also unique clothes that resemble works of art. Luxury products are most noticeable for their special design, which is why they are very unique. For this very reason, we have a special appreciation and relationship with luxurious items. They help the owner to self-fulfill and are also a symbol of their good taste. People love beauty and look for aesthetics in everything they do and have. And nobody can deny it: luxury products are almost always the most beautiful of their kind.

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3. Luxury is always a sensual pleasure

As is well known, people are what they eat. But most consumers do not adequately appreciate the real value of our everyday meals. Because eating is not just a matter of satisfying hunger or even duty, but a pleasure that can also be an experience every time. Enjoying high-quality, special food can have a positive impact on your own senses and well-being. In addition, fewer additives and preservatives are used for organic and delicatessen products. In general, the product is also processed less and manufactured in the traditional way. Therefore, upscale foods usually not only taste fresh, they are also healthier and, above all, more sustainable.

4. Luxury is a rarity

Exclusively selected raw materials are always used for the production of luxury products. Especially in the clothing industry, luxury brands use rare fabrics such as silk, Sea Island Cotton or cashmere, which hardly occur in nature and therefore, bring the special value of uniqueness with them. Also in the delicatessen there are extraordinary products like caviar, truffle or saffron, which are very difficult to get. These can also only be produced with exceptional quality under special conditions. Not only the raw materials, but also the exclusive designs make mass processing difficult. This is the only way to ensure that luxury remains an individual pleasure that is one until it is part of our daily life. Owning a rare product is original and testifies to an individual personality. Presenting this to the outside with self-confidence gives a very special charisma that is valued and viewed by others.

5. Luxury is a long-term pleasure

The outstanding quality of luxury goods enables long-lasting pleasure and recurring enjoyment. Even a trip or an exclusive excursion can create memories that will never be forgotten. The increasing happiness from enjoying luxury is a personal gain that cannot be achieved with short satisfaction. This is precisely what makes luxury goods so special. They stay for a long time. And thus, bring a very special pleasure.

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6. Luxury always means a special form of self-fulfillment

Every person is individual and has his or her own personality, which is expressed through the personal lifestyle. Luxury goods are a very special way of designing your own lifestyle and emphasizing its individuality. This is because they are never intended for the masses and are always more eccentric, unusual and, above all, more aesthetic. Anyone who owns luxury goods communicates in an elegant way what he or she appreciates in life and what is personally valued. Our different tastes and personalities enable the diversity of the luxury world, which also ensures that everyone can be inspired and is able to realize one’s full potential.

7. According to modern understanding, luxury is sustainable

The use of rare, natural raw materials and the focus on trained employees who understand their craft enable transparency in the entire chain of goods, since this is necessary to fully guarantee the quality. But this also usually guarantees that everyone receives their fair share and is resource-efficient. Mostly, one takes from nature the exact amount that is naturally produced. Natural raw materials are furthermore biodegradable and can be recycled better. As the production of luxury goods require valuable raw materials and long-standing traditions, it is important to be responsible and respect the environment. We have therefore modernized our understanding of luxury and are convinced that true luxury and genuine enjoyment can only work together with a clear conscience.

Looking at luxury with a modern understanding that values ​​quality, aesthetics and sustainability, it is by no means a waste. It is more the opposite of it. Luxury is a long-term pleasure that helps to fulfill yourself and thus, increases your own joy in life.


Written Ingrid Wirth


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