Are you looking for a very special and exceptional gift? One that gives a special man in your life, joy for a lifetime and will always remind him fondly of you? There seem to be so many gifts out there, but nothing really comes close to truly expressing your love and gratitude to this person? Whether that special person is your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or someone you just want to show how important he is in your life. Here are 5 unforgettable gifts are guaranteed to make every man feel over the moon!

DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Pullover Buxtehude 100% Sea Island Cotton in Weiß

A classic sweater for every occasion

This classic sweater made of 100% Sea Island Cotton gives every man an irresistible elegance. The precious fibers used to make this sweater are grown exclusively on the British West Indies and are carefully processed using purely traditional methods. This is the only way to obtain the combination of fiber length, uniform structure and fineness of fiber. Sea Island cotton is considered to be the longest fiber in the world and bestows every garment with a natural silky sheen and the softness of cashmere. The timeless design and the prime quality of this sweater means that it is a gift that will always remind him of you and that he will never forget.

Combine your gift with a casual cardigan made of 100% Loro Piana cashmere in dark blue. When you give a gift like this, you are not only giving someone an exclusive item of high-quality clothing, but also endowing a man with self-confidence, elegance and pride to take on the world.

A delicious ingredient that will refine any dish

The black summer truffles are harvested from April to September in Piedmont, Italy, exclusively for DARIO’S. They give your dish a strong truffle aroma and refine every simple dish. Surprise your guest with this delicious, but very simple pasta variant:

Ingredients for two people - Fettuccine al tartufo:

First cook the ribbon pasta in plenty of salted water until they are al dente. Then drain in a pasta strainer. In the meantime, the Parmesan can be grated into rough pieces. Then put the cream in a saucepan and let it boil down halfway. Separate the egg yolk from the egg whites and whisk with about 2 tablespoons of the hot cream. Then stir the egg yolk with the whisked cream into the remaining cream in the saucepan until the ingredients are blended together. Add the chopped herbs.

Now layer the pasta with the parmesan, the sauce and the herbs in a preheated bowl. Then place the summer truffles on the plate before serving. Then simply enjoy this wonderful summer dish!


A basic tools for every chef

If the man or woman in your life loves cooking and you would like to give them a really special gift that will last a lifetime, then you need look no further. Excellent knives are essential for every chef and hobby cook and if you want to buy the best, then our WMF knives are the perfect choice.
A good chef's knife is absolutely vital to prepare cleanly cut food that tickles the tasebuds and delights the eyes with perfect presentation every time. Cooking is simply more fun when you have the best tools and you will be spoiled by your masterchef with delicious culinary delights.

An exquisite prestige rum from Cuba

Whether pure or in a cocktail: A high-quality rum is not only incredibly versatile, but a real pleasure experience. The Havana Club Rum Selección de Maestros in particular embodies the extraordinary collaboration of the Maestros del Ron Cubano and the result is a truly incomparable rum.

The experienced Maestros Roneros select the finest 5 matured rums, which are produced using the Cuban Barrel Proof process and are then filled into selected barrels. During the storage period, the rum develops all of its character and results in a blended rum that is known for its exceptional aroma.

You can be sure of the fact that the satisfying scent of coffee, cocoa and sweet tobacco will not only delight rum connoisseurs. Every discerning man will love the full taste and thus enjoy the very special moments in life.

An innovative vehicle that no one else has

Would like like to offer the perfect gift to both a passionate golfer and adventurous explorer? The Neoteric Hovertrek, which stands out due to its innovative and elegant design, helps to bring you more golfing action. The Hovercraft golf cart has four seats with a beige gel coating, a matching roof and enough storage space for two golf bags. A 65 HP injection engine provides the power to reach places you would never normally discover. With this extraordinary gift you help every man to be the new star of the golf course when he "hovers" at full throttle across the pond and the lawn! What a wonderful and unique gift of a lifetime.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to bring great joy to a loved one. It doesn't matter whether it's a small gift or a big gift. But it will only be always something very special if it comes from the heart.

Written by Ingrid Wirth


The Gift Collection for Men

DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Buxtehude 100% Sea Island Cotton in White 

DARIO’S Couture V-Neck Sweater Buxtehude 100% Sea Island Cotton in White
€ 900,00


DARIO’S Summer truffle in olive oil, from Piemont, Italy, 35 g
€ 15,00


WMF Knife Set Chef’s Edition 3pcs., made in Germany, Baden Württemberg

WMF Knife Set Chef’s Edition 3pcs., made in Germany, Baden Württemberg
€ 249,00



€ 49,90



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