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DARIO'S Couture: Slowfashion for Cosmopolites

Slow-Fashion made in Germany

The online destination for luxury presents the first collection created in Germany, made from the world's finest fabrics. DARIO’S, with its specially designed clothing, stands for a new, typically German elegance. These should not only permanently defeat the internationally established and timeless image of the German wearing lederhosen, but should even raise “stylish German” to an art form. With this new generation of durable clothing, we also want to fight the one-way mentality of the fashion industry and at the same time give new impetus to German and European craft culture. Accordingly, this men's collection includes ties made from the finest twill silk, shirts made from 330 full-length cotton and pullovers made from Sea Island Cotton, as well as jackets made from Italian cashmere and vicuna sweaters.

The Preservation of the Last Domestic German Production Sites

For us, in particular, the focus is clearly on the preservation of the last domestic production sites in the textile industry, in order to counteract the advancing extinction of German craft culture in this way. Not only to stay true to its own principles of sustainability and traditional craftsmanship, but also to give new expression to the world-famous quality seal "Made in Germany". In addition, however, the collection should also draw on European craftsmanship and international luxury fabrics.

The DARIO'S Couture Collektion

DARIO'S Button-Down Men's Shirt Berlin, 140/2 in White
€ 425.00



DARIO'S Cardigan Düsseldorf made out of 100% Loro Piana Cashmere in darkblue



DARIO'S V-Neck Pullover Buxtehude 100% Sea Island Cotton in Darkblue
€ 900.00



DARIO'S V-Neck Pullover Köln 100% African Cotton in Red
€ 660.00



DARIO'S V-Neck Pullover Buxtehude 100% Sea Island Cotton in White
€ 900.00



DARIO'S Men's Shirt München with Mixed Cuffs in 330/2 in White
€ 990.00




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