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Avantgarde Acoustic: uncompromising, exhilarating and utterly extraordinary

We would like to introduce to you what is by far the most extraordinary loudspeaker system in the world: The TRIO XD with BASSHORN XD from Avantgarde Acoustic. A sound system can best be described as uncompromising and exhilarating. Extraordinary is also the right word to describe this loudspeaker because of the system's state-of-the-art technology, its maximally condensed spherical horn architecture, its unmistakable appearance and, last but not least, its pristine and pure acoustic power, that make it one of the few products of our time that can justifiably be described as being in a class of its own. All this combined makes this sound system a marvel of technology with cult status, which immediately transports the listener into enchanting worlds of sound and will enable you to forget everyday life with just one simple click: Music on. World off.

Avantgarde Acoustic: 3 compelling reasons that make the Basshorn a must-have cult object

But what exactly are the reasons that the Basshorn from Avantgarde Acoustic enjoys such cult status? How does it achieve such a precise, explosive and therefore clear and unaltered sound quality? And why does this particular sound system totally outclass all other conventional bass technologies, irrespective of the high quality of their performance?

One look at the Basshorn is enough to see the crucial difference. Actually, its unique design is enough to show the difference: This sound system is an absolute powerhouse with clear sound and rich bass. Behind the Avantgarde Acoustic is a team of experts who are driven by an obsessive passion to achieve the best sound and the most amazing results. Spurred on by this quest for perfection, they have succeeded in creating a work of art that is quite simply head and shoulders above the rest. Just one glance at the technical specifications is enough to propel any enlightened expert to cloud nine:

    • 1000 Watt Amplifier power
    • 2 x 30cm bass chassis
    • sensitively adjustable DSP equalizer
    • a 4-fold filtered power supply unit
    • a single-ended push-pull Class A/AB circuit
    • a precision potentiometer
    • Horn loudspeakers with an inimitable sound experience

This sound system truly makes your dream come true - a dream that the team at Avantgarde Acoustic has been sharing with many music lovers for over twenty years 

Horn Technology

Horn loudspeakers are the oldest and most natural physical principle for rendering sound. Their functionality until today has undeniable advantages over other loudspeaker technologies. In this section we invite you to follow us through history and present time, theory and application of this fascinating technology!


The Avantgarde Acoustic Collection

Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO XD, made in Germany 
from € 47.000,00


Avantgarde Acoustic BASSHORN XD, made in Germany
from € 35.500,00


Avantgarde Acoustic UNO XD, made in Germany
from € 24.900,00


Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1 Horn Loudspeaker, made in Germany
from € 15.400,00


Avantgarde Acoustic XA INT Amplifier, made in Germany
from € €14.000,00




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